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Hybrid Paddle Mixers

PerMix Hybrid Paddle Mixers allow users to change between a Paddle Mixer, Ribbon Mixer, & Plow Mixer all in one unit. PerMix Hybrid Paddle Mixers are the most advanced Paddle Mixers on the market today.

PerMix PTP series HyBrid Paddle Mixers are an innovative design derived from the well-known Plow Mixers that combines a design that allows users to switch between a Paddle Mixer, Plow Mixer, or Ribbon Mixer. The Paddle Mixer provides the same mixing performance as a Plow Mixer but requires much less power consumption. Due to the less rotation speed of the paddles, the wearing of the mixing element for the Paddle is also less than the Plows. Besides, PerMix Paddle Mixers have a better performance dealing with the viscous/sticky materials, such as slurries, which is because the plough-shaped mixing elements tend to be wrapped by the viscous materials while the paddles don’t.

The main difference between our PTP Paddle Mixer and PTS Plow Mixer is the mixing element: PTS Mixer uses the plough-shaped element, while PTP Mixer uses the paddle element. PerMix PTP Paddle Mixers can be used wherever the Plow Mixers are used, including but not limited to compounding, fine mixing, dispersing, suspending, emulsifying, deaerating, tempering, accelerating chemical or physical reactions, granulating, breaking down agglomerates, etc.

PerMix designs the full range of paddle mixers, including the lab size (5L full) & pilot size (up to 45L full) models for Research & Development purpose. The small size machine is very helpful for customers when the ingredients for R&D are expensive, thus helping our customer to save their limited budget at the first stage. With the good performance of the lab & pilot mixer, it is easy to scale up for a medium size or even bigger one.

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PerMix PTPD or PTSD series Vacuum Mixers - Dryers are turbulent mixing reactor-dryers. They are used as a high-speed paddle or plows dryers, chemical reactors or, if both processes are combined, as a dryer-reactor. They are used with particular success in agglomeration-free rapid drying, heterogeneous reactions with systems of different substances, extraction, sterilization and in general for vacuum, positive-pressure, thermal energy and comminuting aids.

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